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To all our Amazing Clarence customers, the rumors you might have heard are true!  Saturday, 21st of Feb was the last night of Clarence at Mavis. Don't worry its not gone forever, just next time you visit Clarence wine and Tapas you might have to travel a bit further.......now that's a rumor for another day!.

We are excited to announce Mavis Nights!! 

From March 7th, Mavis will be open nights Thursday to Sundays, serving Gourmet burgers, great cafe food and of course the Mavis sweets cabinet. This means you can visit Mavis 7 days and 4 nights a week!

In the mean time, we wish to acknowledge all the great support, excellent customers & Staff and fun times we have all had at Clarence.

We look forward to seeing some of you over the next three nights to enjoy some fantastic food and wine and perhaps a reminisce of good times had.

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